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3D Digital Scanning

3d Digital Scanning in The Upper West Side

Using technology moving at the speed of light, Dr. Roksar optically scans the teeth and mouth to gather 3D information to optimize every aspect of care. By gathering images from mulitiple angles Dr. Roksar takes “virtual” impressions of the mouth/teeth using a camera instead of the traditional impression materials.

The advantages are:

1. Faster impressions without any patient discomfort.

2. Highly accurate and more predictable impressions.

3. Eliminates the need for traditional impression materials to significantly improve a patient’s overall experience. This is especially true for severe gaggers.

Upper West Side 3d Digital Scanning

4. Reduces dental laboratory turnaround time to avoid treatment delays.

5. More precise-fitting crowns and restorations with less of a need for remakes

6. Digital shade matching for a seamless and beautiful look.

7. Stores digital scans of the teeth that can be used to fabricate a new prosthesis or appliance later in case of an emergency.

8. Can be used to analyze the dentition to formulate Invisalign® treatment plans as well as the design and fabrication of the aligners.

9. Scanned images provide a useful resource for patient education and discussion.